Blue skies
Smiling at me
Nothing but blue skies
Will I see

Eric James Galvin

You know I'm twelve years old this birthday
And I haven't the time
To catch the bus to school where I can join the line
To make beautiful patterns
Learn to fly up in the air
Iím staying in the paddocks
Where thereís just mud everywhere

You know I love to climb the mountain
To celebrate the view
To see the lands beneath my feet
And elevate what you
Feel free up in the air
Like Joseph Orville Wright
Brothers climbing in the air
And mysteryís magic flight

tís a new world with great machines
Soon be nineteen-twenty-nine
I want to be a part of all of this
To share in all the fine
Things, telephones, radio
And cowboy heroís jeans
Ocean liner, go to China
See what tomorrow brings

I want to go to school today
Where I can read and write
Turn the numbers inside out
I shall not cease from mental fight
Its pleasant pastures brown
And so Iím the eldest son
But now Iím thinking of a bigger town
Where we could have some fun,

I go to church like father says
Confess my sins today
I stand in line for wafer time
Kneel on the floor and pray
I want a better life, a clever life
Not like my life today
Thereís Jesus Christ and sugar spice
But maybe even they

Canít take me where my soul could be
Not on the mountain high,
Nor in the mud beneath the trees
Iím thinking whether I
Could travel to a distant place
To Huckleberry Finn
To Treasure Islandís magic place
Where Africa begins

Italy, England
Could go to Irelandís shores
To see the land
Where soldiers fought the wars
Dominion, Gallipoli
The graveyards rest in peace
They died a bloody death in pain
But they did find release
Itís a modern time, the royal line
Itís nineteen-twenty-four,
I want to go to school today
My father says what for
My mother says do as youíre told
Just bow your head and pray
Just work and suffer railroad
And all the live long day

Ave Maria songs in church
Why canít I ever reach her If I ever had a son
He should become a teacher
Be educated, wear a tie
And catch the bus to go to town,
Jack and Jill went up the hill
But maybe Jack did drown

Iím standing at the crossroads now
Itís time cross the line
To make a change just in my mind
Turn water into wine
Got to leave my mother
Travel far away
Find another place to live
Iíve got to go today
But not to school

Blue skies
Smiling at me
Nothing but blue skies
Will I see

Stephen Galvin