Professional Music

This full-time course consists of a minimum of eight modules a week with additional and optional courses in Music Technology, a Second Instrument and a Special Topic. Each module requires a minimum attendance of one-hour each week. Extra time is required for attendance at rehearsals and performances. Extra time is necessary for personal practice, study and research.

M1: Music Studies

 Provides students with comprehensive knowledge of how music is put together. Strategies for learning new music. Introduction to style and structure.

M2: Technique and Coordination

- Exercises and routines to develop control of the instrument. Provides technical skills necessary to perform music for the repertoire. Provides suitable techniques for a professional performer. In conjunction with Rockschool/Trinity College London

M3: Repertoire

- Performing at the appropriate level. Preparation and memorisation Performance practice: stagecraft In conjunction with Rockschool/Trinity College London. Effective Teamwork Communicating Ideas in rehearsals and performances Presentation and Stagecraft

M4: Option:

- Group Performance/Music Technology/PA Setup and Live Sound/Special Topic/Album Production/

M5: Music Theory

- Musical literacy: Learning to read and write Music. Notation as a practical skill/ Alternative notations/ External examinations/ Music visualisation/ In conjunction with Trinity College London/ Strategies for improvisation Creative Music-making.

M6: Improvisation and Listening

- How to listen Creating melody, identifying the structure and content of music by focused and intentioned listening. In conjunction with Rockschool and Trinity College London/ Strategies for improvisation Creative Music-making.

M7: Composition and Songwriting

- Crafting lyrics - Melody writing- Structure and style.

M8: The Music Business

- Promotion, Social Media, Copyright Agencies and their role - Funding - Marketing

Optional Electives:

In addition to the main course we offer a number of electives:

M9: Music Technology

- Recording and Mixing Cubase and its applications production project

M10: PA Setup and live sound

- Setup and maintenance of equipment, Performance projects, Event creation and management

M11: Special Topic

- A research or performance topic on a subject of professional interest.

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How To Enrol: Admission is by audition and interview.

For further information or enrolment contact: Stephen Galvin ABC Studios

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