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Professional Music Course Fees

M1: Music Studies

M2: Technique and Coordination

M3: Repertoire

M4: Option/ Group/Music Technology/PA Setup/Special Topic

M5: Music Theory

M6: Improvisation and Listening

M7: Composition and Songwriting

M8: Music Business: Marketing, Social Media, Copyright, Management

Course Fee: $NZ16,800

Electives: Not included in Course Fee

M9: Music Technology

Add $NZ2100

M10: PA Setup and live sound

Add $NZ2100

M11: Special Topic

Add $NZ2100

M12: Special Topic

Add $NZ2100

The above information is intended as guide and may be subject to some change.

Some courses have additional costs, Examination Fees, Software, Recommended Texts, Printing and Copying

Full details are available on request.

How To Enrol:

Admission is by audition and interview. For further information or enrolment contact:

Stephen Galvin

ABC Studios



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