ABC Studios Recommendations for Online Learning Using Zoom

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Download and update your Zoom Software:
First-time users should download the Zoom meeting software.  Use the most recent version. The Zoom developers are updating their software frequently. If you are using an older version of Zoom it may not work correctly.

Zoom Download Link

Internet: Fibre Max. We recommend Fibre Max for streaming video and audio to a high standard. Please check with data providers for the best rates. More...

House: An ethernet cable can deliver video and audio many times faster than wireless routers. This makes a significant difference to the quality of your video and music. More...

Headphones: Headphones help to avoid echo when playing music online. They also allow you to talk, sing and play your instrument further way from your computer.

Lauryn Hill

Zoom Settings:

Zoom Main Screen

Video Tab: 16:9 (Widescreen) Enable HD

Zoom Video Tab

Audio Tab: Tick the box marked: 'Automatically join audio by computer when joining a meeting'.

Zoom Audio Tab

Audio Tab (Advanced): Tick the box marked: 'Show in-meeting option to "Enable Original Sound" from microphone.'

Tick 'High fidelity music mode'.

Tick 'Use stereo audio' (You have to set this up in the Edit My Profile tab for some mysterious reason only known to the highest levels of the Zoom organisation.)

Zoom Audio Tab 2

After clicking these buttons your Meeting Window should read "Turn off Original Sound".

Zoom Meeting Window 3

Profile Tab: Zoom has more than one hundred setting in your online Profile. Did you know you can enable Stereo Sound and stream audio in stereo?

Zoom Profile Tab

Enable Stereo Sound (You may need to set this up in your Online Profile.)

Stereo Sound Option

Recording Tab: Tick 'Optimize (sic) for 3rd party video editor'

Zoom Recording Tab

To share audio from your computer go to Share Screen/Share computer sound.
Zoom Share Compute Audio

Remember to have fun, enjoy making music. We are musicians!

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